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What To Send Me

I need 3 things from you:

1. Your pictures.

2. Some information.

3. Your payment.


Once I have everything I need, I will send you a link to the checkout and tell you when you can expect to receive the enhanced pictures and assessment. But first you email the pictures and information to virtualffs@btopenworld.com first.

Please read through this page carefully so that you know exactly what kind of pictures and information to send me.



I need a good all-round view of your face to be able to assess your needs and for this I need to see 6 pictures: a frontal shot with your mouth closed, a frontal shot with your mouth open, a ¾ profile from both sides and a profile from both sides. Here's how they should look:


Kate Frontal Male Kate Frontal Open Male

Kate Left Three Quarter Male Kate Right Three Quarter Male

Kate Left Profile MaleKate Right Profile Male

(please see my notes on these pictures at the bottom of the page)


I usually recommend having 3 of the pictures worked on and these are the frontal shot with the mouth closed, one of the ¾ profiles and one of the profiles. I can help you decide which of your pictures will be best to work on if you are not sure.

Even if you only want one picture worked on or only want a written assessment, I still need you to send all 6 pictures so that I can get a good all round view of your face.

If you can't manage all 6 pictures, send what you have and I will do my best with them. Many of my clients also include an informal picture with their hair and make-up done. This is not essential but many people find it helpful.

You can also send me more than one version of each angle if you're not sure which one is best.

It can be helpful to send me some informal shots from your everyday life so I can get an idea of how you look in context. This is not essential so please don't feel that you have to send them if you are uncomfortable doing so. Also, not everyone has informal pictures of themselves as women - especially if they are at the beginning of their transition.

Here are some guidelines on taking your pictures:

This may seem like a lot of detail but it is worth trying to get the best pictures you can to start with.


1. It is very important that the camera is at least 6 feet (2 metres) away from your face. If the camera is closer than that it causes distortion of the facial features and that means that my work will not be accurate. So don't try to hold the camera at arms length. The ideal distance for the camera is 6 - 12 feet away (2 - 3.5 metres). If you need to get closer it is best to use the zoom. If it is impossible for you to take clear pictures at that distance then you will need to move closer but do tell me how far you were from the camera.

2. Camera Angle. The camera should be at eye level, not above or below your face. For the 3/4 profile it is usually best to try and get the tip of the nose to align roughly with the edge of the cheek as in the examples above.

3. The pictures should be well lit and in focus.

4. Keep a blank expression. Smiling changes lots of facial proportions and makes it very difficult for me to assess your needs accurately.


5. It is best to turn your whole body to get the different angles rather than just turning your head.

6. Keep your hair tied back. The hairline is important in feminisation so it's best to keep your hair pulled back so I can see the hairline and the forehead clearly. If you already know that your hairline is OK then it is not so important to tie the hair back but if you do wear it down, do make sure it doesn't hide your forehead and eyebrows.

7. Picture Size. I usually work on pictures between about 500 KB and 2 MB though this is flexible. It is better to send pictures that are too big rather than too small. If your pictures are more than 2 MB each – please don't send more than 3 of them in one email.

8. Using a self-timer. These can be really handy if you are taking the pictures alone but there is a problem with self-timers – they often take pictures which are out of focus. This is because they focus on what is in front of them when you press the shutter. This is usually the wall you are about to stand in front of so when you actually stand there and the picture is taken, the wall is in focus but you are not. You can get round this by placing something at about the place where your face is going to be. That way, when you press the shutter, the camera focuses in the right place.


9. Don't take the pictures in direct sunlight. Daylight is good for the photos but direct sunlight can make you squint and makes very hard shadows which are difficult to work with.


10. Try to have a blank background. This is not always possible and it is not essential but it can help you see the outlines of features more clearly, particularly in the profile shot.


11. Don't wear glasses – they hide and distort lot of important structure.


12. Make-up. It's fine to wear some make-up but try not to make it too heavy as it can start to hide features like the shape of the lips and eyes.


13. Wigs. I cannot generally add hair to pictures. If you have short hair or suffer from baldness but want to see yourself with feminine hair in the final shots, it is best to wear a wig. In this case it can be useful to send some pictures without a wig as well if you want me to assess your hairline or baldness problems.


14. Don't worry if you can't take perfect pictures – send me the best ones you can - I will tell you if I can do useful work on them or I may be able to give you some advice on how to take better ones. It's actually very normal for my clients to send several sets of pictures before we get to some really useful ones so if you are not sure, send them anyway and I'll let you know if they will work.


This is the information I need:

1. Hormones. Let me know if you want me to simulate the effects of hormones in your pictures. If you are already on hormones I may not need to simualte the effects but let me know how long you have been on them and if you are on a full dose. Also, if you are on a low dose, let me know if you plan to take a full dose in the future.


2. Rejuvenation. Are you interested in feminisation only or are you also interested in looking younger? If you are younger than about 40, this question will probably not apply to you.


3. Do you already know what you want done? I can usually show you the procedures and let you know if they are likely to be beneficial or if there might be some problems with them. If you have no idea what you want that's absolutely fine – I am here to advise you.


4. If you have other assessments, perhaps from surgeons, feel free to send them to me or to ask me to simulate what the surgeons have recommended. Bear in mind that occasionally this is not possible. I can also give you a second opinion on any recommendations that have been made to you.


5. Have you had any previous facial surgery? or any facial injuries? This might affect what else can be done.


6. Do you have passability problems? This means do people see you as female when you are dressed as a woman or do they still see you as male.


7. How do you feel about your face? Knowing this can help me understand what the priorities are likely to be for you.


8. What is your height, weight and age? This is personal information of course and please don't feel obliged to give it but it can sometimes help me balance the priorities for you.


9. Roughly how far away from the camera were you? Should be at least 6 feet (2 metres).


10. How did you find out about my service?


Once I have everything I need, I will send you a link to the checkout and tell you when you can expect to receive the enhanced pictures and assessment. You can find a full list of my prices on the Prices & Checkout page


Notes on the Pictures:
The pictures of Kate are not of a real person, I have actually blended faces together to create a new face that allows me to show a wide range of FFS procedures. Finding a real face is not easy, firstly, people are understandably cautious about having their faces on my website and secondly, it is very hard to find someone who is both willing to have their pictures featured and who also has just the right sort of face to serve as a good example of the most important procedures in FFS. So, I created a new face, then masculinised it where necessary to form the pictures you see on this page. On the “What you get page” you can see the feminised version of these pictures. It was a lot of work but I think it will give people a much clearer view of what FFS can do.