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Prices & Checkout


On this page you can read through my prices. When you are ready to pay you just click on the "Buy Now" button towards the bottom of the page to go to the checkout and make your purchase. The pictures and assessment take up to 4 weeks to finish and the pricing structure is very simple:

Pictures cost 60 USD each.

The written assessment also costs 60 USD.

The assessment is usually included with the pictures but it can be bought separately if you want a written assessment on its own. In the assessment, I will go through your features one at a time, explaining what makes a feature masculine and what you can do about it. It will also include my opinion on any recommendations you have been given by surgeons and my opinion on your own ideas about your face.

If you also want to receive your pictures in animated form, that costs an extra 15 USD per picture (see the "What You Get" page for an example of the animation).

If you decide later on that you want to add some more pictures, they also cost 60 USD each.

I generally recommend that you have 3 pictures done – a frontal, a profile and a ¾ profile. This will give you a good all round view of the possibilities. A lot of my clients also request a fourth, informal shot which shows their everyday look with their hair and make up done.



1 picture (with assessment): 120 USD

2 pictures (with assessment): 180 USD

3 Pictures (with assessment): 240 USD

4 Pictures (with assessment): 300 USD

5 Pictures (with assessment): 360 USD


Written assessment only: 60 USD

Additional Picture: 60 USD (each)

Facial Team Consultation Picture: 60 USD (each)

Animation (per picture) 15 USD


When you have made your choice just click the "Buy Now" button below to go to the checkout and make your purchase. You can pay with credit or charge cards from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, or Diners Club; debit cards with the Visa or MasterCard logo; and PayPal. Orders are processed only after a billing address, or other billing information, has been verified.

Your payment should appear on your credit card statement as ”2CO.COM *vffs” then a reference number followed by the amount and the exchange. The figures will vary of course depending on the number of pictures you buy and the current exchange rate.


I am closing the payment button for a few days as I have a large number of cases to work through. Hopefully it should be back on by about the 1st of November.


Goods and services provided by VirtualFFS (Brighton, United Kingdom). Sold by 2Checkout.com (Ohio, USA).