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Ethnic Variations


Generally the differences between male and female faces apply to all ethnic groups equally. However it is easy to mistake an ethnic difference for a gender difference and it often seems to be that non-European faces are compared to white European faces as if white European faces were somehow the standard or an ideal. This is completely wrong. In my opinion, a surgeon should always consider what the normal feminine dimensions would be for a face of your own ethnicity.

For example: men have wider jaws than women but East Asian women often have wider jaws than white European women so if you compare an East Asian woman's jaw with a white European woman's jaw it might seem to be too wide but if you compared her jaw width to the average East Asian female, her jaw width would be within normal ranges.

Another example would be with noses - men have wider noses than women but people of African (mainly sub-Saharan Africa) ancestry usually have wider noses than white Europeans so if you compare the nose of an African woman to a European woman, her nose would seem to be masculinely wide. But again, when compared to another African woman, her nose is within normal ranges.

Trying to force features into the norms of a completely different ethnicity can make for an unnatural looking result, and can also cause functional problems because it may involve pushing the degree of change beyond safe limits.