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Terms and Conditions

Customers accept the following terms and conditions when placing an order with Virtual FFS:

1. The simulations I create and the advice I give you are not, and could not be 100% accurate. Virtual FFS is not about exact predictions - it's a starting point designed to help you get to know your face and its feminisation possibilities, and to help you set your priorities for FFS. Your final result will depend on the procedures you choose, your individual anatomy, how you heal, and the abilities and techniques of your surgeon.

2. I am fallible and although I take quite an obsessive amount of care over your pictures and assessment, I will inevitably make a mistake every so often.

3. Working from photographs is not the same as seeing the person in real life. Camera lenses can affect the facial proportions to some extent and the lighting in a photograph can also affect how a face looks. So, a face or feature that looks masculine in a photo might not look quite as masculine in real life or might not be quite as important if the person has a very feminine presence about them. It is therefore important to remember that this service is not the final word on your facial surgery needs.

4. Facial surgery is not an exact science and while I can control the changes I make in Photoshop fairly well, a surgeon may not be able to control things with quite so much precision in real life.

5. The completed images and assessment are yours so you are free to share them and the assessment with any support groups or social networks that you are a member of if you want some second opinions.

6. The changes described in your assessment and illustrated in your pictures represent my opinion as an artist. You and/or your surgeon/s may disagree with my opinions. I cannot guarantee that my opinion is good or that the pictures are accurate so if you act according to my opinion, you do so at your own risk.

7. Your rights are covered by the UK Consumer Rights Act (2015)


Privacy Policy

I take your privacy extremely seriously and will do my very best to protect your personal information.

Information Collected and Used:
Any personal information received will only be used to fill your order. I will not sell or redistribute your information or your pictures to anyone, unless a legal requirement arises for me to do so.

Data Protection:
To the extent that any data protection, privacy or similar laws (“Data Protection Laws”) apply, I agree to be bound by, and comply with, the provisions of such laws.

Length of Time I Retain Your Pictures and Emails:
I retain your pictures and emails for approximately 6 to 7 months after sending you the virtual FFS pictures and/or assessment. This period may be extended if I am having an ongoing conversation with you about your case. At the end of that period, I delete your pictures and emails for your safety. If you would like your information deleted sooner than that, please contact me by emailing virtualffs@btopenworld.com

Length of Time I Retain Your Payment Information:
The payments I receive are handled by 2Checkout.com. When you make your payment, I receive 2 duplicate notification emails with your payment details. I retain these on my system for approximately 6 to 7 months. This period may be extended if I am having an ongoing conversation with you about your case. At the end of that period, I delete the payment notification emails for your safety. If you would like your payment confirmation emails deleted sooner than that, please contact me by emailing virtualffs@btopenworld.com

2Checkout.com will retain your payment information for 10 years in compliance with their legal requirements to do so. I can therefore access your payment information for 10 years via my 2Checkout account.

“Cookies” are small text files that allow websites to store and retrieve information about you from your computer system. I do not collect cookies. However, the company that hosts my website (BT.com) does retain statistical information about visits to my site.

Communications from me:
I will not send you information with commercial announcements and updates about the service I provide. I do not retain a list of customer's contact details beyond 6 to 7 months after our final communication.

Correcting / Updating Personal Information:
If your personal information changes, you may update your personal information at any time by sending an email to virtualffs@btopenworld.com.

Your Rights To Your Data:
If you want to know exactly what data I have about you, you are welcome to email me at virtualffs@btopenworld.com, and I will send you everything I have. If you want me to delete your data sooner than my standard 6 to 7 months, let me know through the same email address.

Policy Changes and Acceptance:
This privacy policy is effective as of 31 of May, 2020. By using my service, you signify your acceptance of this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree or are not comfortable with any policy described in this Privacy Policy, you may discontinue use of my service. I reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time. Your continued use of my service will constitute your acceptance of these changes

Multiple Email Addresses:
If you contact me via more than one email address, but specify that the pictures and assessment must be sent to one particular email address, I will do my very best to see that that happens. However, I cannot offer a 100% guarantee that I will not send it to one of your other email addresses by mistake. This has never happened but in theory, it could.

Potential Security Risks:
It is theoretically possible that your pictures and assessment could be sent to another customer by mistake. This has never happened but in theory, it could.

My computer is protected with a security code which offers some additional protection, however if the computer was stolen and somebody had the right hacking skills there is a theoretical possibility that they could access your pictures and information. This has never happened but in theory, it could.

In my research, I sometimes create composite pictures of faces (also known as "prototypes") but I never use my customer's pictures for such purposes.

Who Will See My Pictures?:
In most cases, two people will see your pictures - me, and my wife who works in the same room as me and can therefore see my screen. They are not shown to anyone else. One exception is when I have a client with a complicated problem that I want to discuss with a surgeon before I attempt a simulation (this would usually be one of the Facial Team surgeons) however, I would only ever do that after first obtaining your permission.



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