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What You Get


Your pictures and assessment will be sent to you by email. You can have a written assessment alone if you like but lets look at a typical Virtual FFS case with 3 pictures and assessment so you can see exactly what I do for my clients (you can also see the animation option at the bottom of the page).

I am going to use 3 of the pictures of Kate from the “what to send me” page. I'm using 3 pictures for this example because I generally recommend to my clients that they have a set of 3 like this done as it gives a good all-round view of the possibilities. Kate is early in her transition – she has not finished beard removal and has only just started hormones.


Here are her original pictures on the left along with the feminised versions on the right:

Kate Frontal male Kate Frontal female

Kate Right Three Quarter Male Kate Right Three Quarter Female

Kate Left Profile Male Kate Left Profile Female

(Please see my notes on these pictures at the bottom of the page)


The Assessment:

The height of her hairline in the middle is fine but she does have some recession in the corners giving her hairline the masculine square or “M” shape. I have filled these corners to give the hairline a rounded feminine shape and this can be achieved with a scalp advance or hair transplants.


Kate has strong brow bossing both in the centre above her nose and above her eyes. I have removed the bossing to bring her forehead into normal female ranges.


The height of her eyebrows is fine but they are quite thick so I have plucked them along the underside to give them a thinner and more feminine shape.


I don't see any notable problems with her eyes or the soft tissues around them.


From the side Kate's nose is a touch large with a slight hump to the bridge and a slightly long forwards-pointing tip. I have lowered the bridge to make the nose smaller overall and have given the bridge a very slightly concave (scooped) profile. I have also shortened the tip, making it a little more blunt and I have given the base of the nose more of an upwards angle as seen from the side. From the front her nose is a little wide. I have narrowed the bridge and the tip and I have also brought the nostrils in a little closer together to narrow the base.


I don't see any problems with her cheeks that would need implants. However, hormones will make the apple of her cheeks fuller and rounder so I have simulated this.


The distance between her top lip and the base of her nose is a little too long. I have simulated a lip lift to correct this. A lip lift also rolls the top lip out a little giving it a fuller shape.


Kate's chin is somewhat tall and square. I have shortened it and shaved off the corners to give it a feminine, rounded shape.


Her jaw is somewhat tall so I have reduced the height a little along the full length. Her jaw is not too wide but hormones do tend to narrow the jaw - they don't change the bone structure but they do reduce muscle mass so when this affects the chewing muscles, it effectively narrows the jaw a little at the back. I have simulated this in the pictures. If she was thinking of narrowing this area surgically, I would advise her to be on the hormones for a good year or so to see how they affect the jaw width before first.


Adam's Apple:
Kate has a visible Adam's apple so I have simulated a tracheal shave to reduce it.


Other Points:
I have also reduced her beard shadow. If the shadow is very heavy I may not be able to remove it completely without making the skin look plastic but I can always make a good improvement.


For my actual customers, the assessment would be much longer than this as I would be explaining in detail any unusual points about their case as well as answering various questions they may have asked.


The Animation Option:

For an extra 12 USD per picture (4 week turnaround) or 15 USD per picture (1 week turnaround) I can send you an animated version of the before and after like this:




Notes On the Pictures:
The pictures of Kate are not of a real person, I have actually blended faces together to create a new face that allows me to show a wide range of FFS procedures. Finding a real face is not easy, firstly, people are understandably cautious about having their faces on my website and secondly, it is very hard to find someone who is both willing to have their pictures featured and who also has just the right sort of face to serve as a good example of the most important procedures in FFS. So, I created a new face, masculinised it and then performed virtual FFS on it to form the pictures you see on this page.