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Please note: I do not offer any incentive to write a review of my service - no discounts or favours, or anything like that. All these reviews are therefore given freely by people who have genuinely found my work helpful.

Thanks to all who have contributed so far :-)



Alexandra's work is the real deal. I found the photos she made for me to be very helpful and her written assessment was very honest and enlightening. If you're like me and find it difficult to take a step back and look at your face objectively, Alexandra's work is a powerful tool that shouldn't be ignored.

Alice R. - United States



"Very pleased with the written assessment and simulated images provided by Alexandra. It's given me an excellent starting point for an FFS consultation. Also pleased with the emphasis on looking natural rather than "done" which can easily be a result of cosmetic-related surgery. Definitely worth the wait. Virtual FFS is a wonderful service for anyone interest in FFS." 
Sonja B. - Illinois, USA



"VFFS is absolutely life changing and an invaluable service for trans women like me who don't know where to start. I knew next to nothing about facial feminization surgery beforehand and Alexandra answered all my questions and then some. I now feel prepared for consultations. This will help me take the steps to change my life forever and I can't thank you (or her idk) enough honestly.
Elle, London, UK"



"Virtual FFS is an asset to the global community. Quick, thorough, and informative!" -G (USA)



"Virtual FFS was an enormous help in better understanding my face. Thanks to Alexandra’s work, I have a much clearer picture of what features of my face influence its gender perception, and I have a better sense of what procedures I might want in the future. It’s given me peace of mind knowing this assessment comes from a neutral source who doesn’t have an interest in whether I pursue any procedures or not. For the time being I’m happy with my face, and knowing that many of its features fall in the characteristically female range has given me peace of mind that others are probably seeing me the way I see myself. Even if you decide not to pursue future FFS, that reassurance is worth a lot."

Claire - Oregon, USA.



"This service was immensely helpful to me. Seeing Alexandra's edited photos made it so much easier to understand what I want out of FFS, and what is realistic. She's also incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. You can tell that she does this because she genuinely wants to help trans women, and I highly recommend working with her."

-M from Canada



"Alexandra's breadth of knowledge and skill is incredibly impressive and the magic she works with Photoshop is both astounding in showing you the possibilities for your face as a canvas and an essential service for trans women looking for expert advice in advance of FFS surgeries or consultations. I recommend VFFS for anyone thinking about FFS"

- B



"Virtual FFS provided realistic projections of various FFS procedures and detailed recommendations and advice for procedures to consider. I feel much more comfortable going into consultations with FFS surgeons, more aware of the options available and the risks and advantages they each have, and more prepared to make educated decisions about my FFS. Thank you so much Alexandra!"




 "The vffs pictures are all I imagined. The overall pictures as well as the progress-pictures between the different procedures helped me greatly in deciding how to move forward with my plan to get ffs.

"In addition, the elaborate assessment made clear to me which parts I should and want to focus on, as well as give me insight into facial features that I haven't considered yet.

"Overall I can recommend the vffs by Alexandra to anyone thinking about getting ffs in the future, it was well worth it."

S. Germany



"VirtualFFS has helped me greatly in knowing which parts of my face I want changed, or more accurately, the parts I already wanted changed and had no idea how to articulate.

Alexandra's assessment had the perfect mix of what I wanted - knowing that beauty is subjective but also with the candor to honestly assess what might need changing in order to pass, advice I'd been unable to receive yet and may not ever be able to receive, except for from doctors who want to recommend unnecessary procedures and thus unnecessary charges with them. For the time being with my financial situation, I was only able to get a written assessment done without pictures, but all of the wording was clear enough in it that I felt able to understand exactly what she meant.

"I would recommend this service to anyone who wants FFS, as spending only $75 really can save you thousands of dollars in the long run."

Sabrina Rosenstock - Michigan, USA



"I am delighted with the three sets of photos and the nearly 3,000 word report. In each set, the photos show, step-by-step, the impact of the proposed changes. I now have an idea of how I will look like when I go out in the world and the look is rather nice. The animation is a very useful aid which works on macOS as well as Windows. For me, it was essential for evaluating the proposed changes.

"I am impressed by the thoroughness and attention to detail of Alexandra Hamer’s work. I am reassured that my planned visit to Facial Team in March/April of this year is going to be worth every euro. Thank you."

MAW, Sussex, UK



"Thank you so much for your help. Virtual FFS has helped me get confident in what I want. I used VFFS design for my hairline for my hair surgery 9 months ago. I am very happily enjoying the results (it grew back curly!). It was Alexandra's thesis on the virtual FFS website that sold me on the value of her services. Also of note: having the photos and specific advice on my hairline really helped me effectively communicate my desired outcome with the hair surgeons who are primarily used to designing a less feminine hairline for their clients (and they did a great job too)."

Jess from Ottawa



"Alexandra was absolutely wonderful to work with. The write-up I received is clear and full of useful information for future consults. Not only are the pictures super informative, they also give me a kind of hope I've never had before. If you're considering FFS but are so unfamiliar with your own face that you don't even know if it will even help, I highly recommend Alexandra's service."

Josie in Boston.



"I'm incredibly happy with the service provided by Virtual FFS, the results are very thorough and cover all of your options in detail. It has really helped me figure out what I want as I research FFS surgery in depth, and I recommend it to anyone who might be interested in FFS!"




"For a long time I had to struggle to keep aspects of myself hidden from my family, friends, and peers. I was fearful of how they might react and also self-doubt plagued me often when I thought about how I would change myself and my outward appearance to be more in line with my gender expression. Alexandra helped me where a lot of later therapists and friends could not, by visualizing the changes.

In addition, she articulated each subtle change she made with an assessment that eventually assisted me with coming to a level of comfortability regarding some of my existing facial features and learning of some unrealized changes I wanted to make later on. She was unbiased and as objective as she could have been with her assessments, which is something I could not get from many other people who lacked her expertise.

Not only will these pictures and assessments save me money, but they will help me better explain to my surgeons what will best help me feel comfortable with myself while still retaining many unique aspects of my face. This sort of help was invaluable, and I'd highly recommend Alexandra's service to anyone considering undergoing FFS so they can better understand themselves."

A.S. - Illinois, US



“From the very start Alexandra was nothing but prompt, polite, and warm. She went the extra mile for me, and was extremely flexible to listening to my goals and desires. The service I got was in depth yet designed particularly to be understandable for anyone. Above all I believe she is honest, she was an objective source of information personalized to me. At no point did it seem like she was trying to do anything than provide the most amount of information possible based on her experience as an artist and student of anatomy and human gender constructs. I’d recommend to anyone who might be unsure if surgery is possible/affordable, or who simply want a little more information for a process that is inherently unpredictable”

Q - Chicago



"I scheduled my FFS before learning about this service and as I came up on the surgery date I was feeling a lot of anxiety. There's a lot of decisions to make and a lot of cost and risk. My surgeon was the one who pointed me here but that recommendation came a little too close to my surgery date. The timeline was really tight but Alexandra was still able to coach me through taking the photos and then delivered on time for me to make new plans for the surgery. I'm a lot happier with my decisions now, I understand better what it means to be 'passing', and I have reduced the cost and risk of my FFS. This service was the best thing I could have done to prepare for surgery."

Lexi M - San Francisco, CA


"Alexandra’s knowledge on facial gender is amazing, and her assessment and simulations are extremely useful! Her write-up clearly explains which parts of your face could use feminisation, and, importantly, which parts don’t. Before getting the Virtual FFS results, I had trouble visualizing how some procedures would look on my face. Now this is resolved, and I’m much more certain which procedures I’d like to have done. I think having an objective view from an independent expert is crucial when deciding on something as important as FFS."

Hilde - Netherlands



"Virtual FFS was a powerful tool for clarifying my thinking around FFS. The detailed assessment of my features and the polished and realistic visualizations of various potential procedures were an invaluable part of my decision making process. I’m glad I did it and would recommend it to anyone who was considering FFS."

Shelly - USA



"The results from Virtual FFS gave me a very helpful feeling of what might be possible. I had a lot of doubts about getting FFS or not, and this helped me get some idea of realistic expectations, so I could make a more confident decision about not doing FFS."

Anonymous - Netherlands



"I had a lot of uncertainty about facial feminisation surgery, and did not have a good idea what exactly was making my face masculine and what not. It is hard to know how objective you or your friends and family can actually be, so it was tremendously helpful to get an expert assessment, and some really well done photos with different procedures and combinations of procedures. It has been invaluable for me in deciding how best to go forward."

Janna - Berlin



"This has been very helpful. I'm not yet sure what my decision will be, but this has done so much to help me understand what my options are, and which of those will be most feminizing.

"I'm very grateful for the extra images, they help me where my imagination is unable to. You're providing a very helpful service, and I'm delighted that I was able to do this. I'm very satisfied, and I feel armed to the teeth for my consultation next month."

Wylie Anne - Oregon



"Alexandra perfectly implemented my wishes in my VFFS pictures and the written assignment. She gave me a lot of information I did not expect but that were really important. She did a great job!"

M F - Germany.



"The input I've had from you and the facial team has really given me a more objective insight into my face and how masculine/feminine it is. I feel like it has been therapeutic in itself to have skilled clinicians give their input rather than staring into a mirror or listening to the well-intentioned opinions of my friends."

C - New Zealand



“I’m amazed by Alexandra’s knowledge and skill. Anyone considering FFS for any reason, I can’t recommend this enough. The assessment I got was highly personalized, in-depth, and honest. So glad I invested in this as part of my journey."




"Thank you so SO much! I'm loving the changes and the potential to look like I've always wanted too! Honestly, you've helped me feel hopeful when I had kind of forgotten what hope felt like."




“I had the option of getting FFS through my insurance, but I didn’t know what to expect or if I even wanted it. Alexandra walked me through everything step by step with incredible detail, giving personalized recommendations to help me decide what I want to do. The report with the accompanying pictures makes it easy to communicate with doctors knowing exactly what I want. This was an important step in my transition and I recommend it to everyone.”

A, United States



"Alexandra's write-up and photo edits were incredibly helpful, especially in combination with her excellent website. I feel way more informed about the various facial feminization procedures and why each of them would or wouldn't make sense for my face. Absolutely worth every penny!"




"Alexandra's work helped me visualise just how big an impact certain procedures could have in realising my true self. Total Photoshop star! Not only that, she freely provides her advice to help you understand your options, prepare you for discussions with potential surgeons and generally make the choices that are right for you. Definitely worth the money."

Nikki Fox, UK



"Thank you so much. I'm both happy with and impressed by your work. I find the changes you suggested very tasteful. I found that I had trouble really understanding the effect of the brow bossing, and the images really helped me comprehend exactly what I am seeing. The pictures have reduced how uncertain the future seems to me, and I really appreciate what you've done."




"I could not be more pleased with the work product Alexandra provided. It was thorough with helpful suggestions and thoughts. It helped turn something abstract into something actionable. Her report was an important first step I needed to begin my FFS journey."




“I consulted Alexandra for the Virtual FFS service and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who is considering FFS in the future. The report was very detailed, and the photos helped me imagine what the results could be like with the various procedures. It helped me clearly prioritize what needed to be done and what did not, and this is useful when consulting surgeons for there opinion.

Literally this could save you money by help minimizing/prioritizing the needed surgeries and help give you an honest unbiased opinion on what is truly needed. I feel more confident in my consultations with this knowledge and I found it very educational.




"I am so pleased with your work. I had about given up believing I could make any more headway in feminization. I know roughly what the $$$ costs are for each procedure, but it is hard to blindly throw hard earned money at an unknown result. Now I have pictures to look at. I know it isn't a guarantee, but it does really inspire me to go forward. I promise I will send you an after picture a couple years from now no matter how much I accomplish."

Willow in Oregon



"Alexandra’s pictures were immensely helpful in determine what I wanted to get done for facial feminization surgery as well as what I should expect as results. It has relieved a ton of stress and anxiety about what sorts of procedures to pursue and how helpful they would be for improving my appearance. I highly recommend the three pictures + analysis!"

Anonymous - US



"Alexandra's service is excellent. The simulations are brilliant and lifelike, and carefully and thoughtfully done. The written explanations of the changes necessary for feminisation were clearly explained, realistic and highly informative.

"Considering the amount of work that has clearly gone into it, this is great value for money and I strongly recommend this service."

EB - Zurich



"I've used Alexandra's Virtual FFS service and I'm very pleased with the results. The step-by-step pictures simulating the changes and the detailed written assessment are extremely helpful. Alexandra, thank you very much!"

Theresia W - Germany



"Since I started my research about FFS options I've explored loads of stuff — scientific studies, the best surgeons' resources, all kinds of relevant forums and reviews. And the most useful and thorough resource for me was definitely Alexandra's Virtual FFS website. Even if you don't use her services, the materials on this website is an absolute must-read! But I highly recommend going beyond just studying this website to consider your own virtual FFS — it will help you understand your facial feminization options and make up your mind."

Lena - Moscow, Russia



"Using Virtual FFS was easy, straightforward, and will likely save me quite a bit of money as I survey my options for FFS. Alexandra was professional and honest, and at no point 'sugarcoated' the possibilities that were open to me. I am quite happy with the results and am relieved to have a guide to work from as I talk with and negotiate among a maze of surgeons and insurers over the next year!"

Emma L - United States



"Really detailed assessment with great quality pictures that can be helpful in FFS operations choice."

Yulia - Russia



"I found this service to be an extremely useful tool in deciding what kinds and how much facial surgery I might need in my transition. Alexandra is very knowledgeable about the process, effects, and reality that surgery can provide. As an engineer, I found her analysis to be thorough and concise. If you are considering facial surgery, I would highly recommend that you use this service. It will give you a much clearer picture of your path forward."

Julie L - San Jose, CA



"Alexandra's analysis was very thorough and informative. Her photos meticulously showed the details of different procedures, step-by-step. She helped me understand the choices I face in what might be the most important surgery of my life. Well worth the cost!"




"I'd been aware of Alexandra's service for a long time but as I started to more seriously consider FFS, I hoped for some guidance on where to start. What I got was an incredibly detailed write-up accompanied by step-by-step pictures simulating the changes I may be able to achieve. Her advice helps me proceed with much more certainty."

Mattie - USA



I'm so happy with Virtual FFS result. It's not just assessment and simulation for me, it's a guiding light in my journey. Thank you.

Victoria - Moscow, Russia



I was delighted with the report that Alexandra provided. It gave a detailed breakdown of my various facial features and her opinion on what needed to be altered either for feminization purposes or just general cosmetic improvement. She returned multiple images of the pictures I wanted working on, which progressively showed her recommended changes. I was also pleasantly surprised to learn that she did not feel I needed any change to one of my major features (namely my jaw) which I was certain would be required. All told it was great to see an impression of what I might realistically expect to look like after surgery, and it provides me with an excellent basis and reference point for my forthcoming consultations with various surgeons.

Jennifer - Leicestershire, England



"Alexandra's VFFS is a very professional and friendly service definitely worth every penny. It is a good starting point to help you get to know your face and its feminisation possibilities, and to help you set your priorities for FFS. The most important and helpful part for me was the written assessment where Alexandra describes the existing facial features, how they differ from feminine features and with what surgical procedures can be the best feminisation achieved. This assessment was very honest and does not try to "sell" you the maximum facial surgical procedures available nowadays. It clearly states what are your options, what should be your priorities and what feminisation effect each procedure may have. I will use this assessment and pictures when talking to a facial surgeon.

"Thank you very much for this unique service Alexandra"

Sara - Edinburgh, UK



"Alexandra's photos and recommendations were a huge boon for me. I had been very nervous about surgery, but when I received my results I felt a wave of relief. Having an idea of what I might look like and some material to discuss with my surgeon allowed me to relax for the first time in months and feel much more confident about the surgeries I had discussed with my doctor. Seeing the photos for the first time was such a powerful experience I danced around my apartment with tears in my eyes. It was the best day I have had in years. Thank you so much, Alexandra!"

Corey - USA



“Alexandra’s work is amazing! She never saw a picture of my mother but my results looked like I was my mother’s daughter. To me, that’s amazing and says a lot about the quality of her work. Her recommendations are detailed and well explained. I’m so glad I got this assessment before going for my FFS consultation. This is a great starting point and helps me better explain to my surgeon what I want. Thank you!”

Chloe D.



"I am so grateful that there is someone like Alexandra out there to provide a bespoke service like this. When you are investing a significant sum of money in irreversibly changing the structural composition of your face, it makes sense to have a considered approach. And what better way to consider the outcome, than to be well informed about the options by someone who really knows their subject....and then to see these options progressively applied to neutral photographs of yourself.

"Alexandra, really does take the time and interest to make you feel special, with her creative and artful eye...and above all, honest, down to earth opinion. She is a delight to communicate with in a freindly but professional manner at all times. She knows, and is sympathetic to the painstaking decision processes that many of us go through in this life changing endeavour.

"She has put new possibilities into my head which I look forward to discussing with the surgeon before the final plan is agreed on. I cannot extoll enough, the value of this service to me. Thank you Alexandra".

Elle - Sydney



"The VFFS gave me a clear objective view on each aspect of my face in regards to how it affects feminization, to me it was very valuable to have that both in text and visually.

"Before I was not as sure about what I needed since I just felt a strong general dislike, and it is quite uplifting to get more objective clarity and know what can actually be done to change things in this day and age.

"It is also great material to bring to the surgeon for my FFS consultation and I also find comforting to have Alexandria's opinion on what she sees would be the most worthwhile procedures and why. It is very possible I can save 7500€ by simply saying no to a few things that would probably do very little.




"This service gave me the exact information I needed to start seriously considering FFS."

Avery - USA



"I appreciate your honesty and expertise in both the assessment and the photos. This has definitely assisted me in my FFS journey by helping my visualize what changes might look like, something I struggled to imagine just in my head. Thanks for the work you do."

Kat from Canada



"What you've sent me goes far beyond what we agreed to, and I cannot express enough how thankful I am for the enormous effort and care you've spent on that task. I love the outcome, and what makes me feel even more happy is that it's still the person I am, or rather, even more so."

Jona S.



"I always thought that it would take major work to achieve a significant feminising effect on my face, so I had never considered it as a realistic option.

"I am considering having rhinoplasty for non-trans reasons with, possibly, corrections to my droopy upper eyelids. I asked Alexandra to show what effects an FFS specialist could achieve with just these procedures. I also asked her to show what else might be possible.

"I was very impressed with the results. She produced a series of very natural, step by step, images to show the effect of each change. None of the changes were exaggerated. Instead, they were quite subtle and probably, therefore, more realistic.

"In her analysis, Alexandra explained why some common procedures would have only a minor effect on me. She also suggested what should be my priorities.

"I am very glad I used her services. I now have a clearer idea of what might be possible. The analysis and images will help me make more informed choices following consultations with the surgeons I might use."

J. M. - Cambridge, UK



"I'm completely satisfied with Alexandra's work. The details that went into each picture are absolutely great. And, the progression she shows from slight corrections to all the away is very useful in order to help you notice all those changes.

"The written assesment is not to be discarded either. There were so many insightful informations in there. And, it's always good to have the opinion of someone who's not going to gain money if they convince you that all your insecurities are true, ie : the surgeon.

One last point. When you take the pictures, I suggest being well rested. Your pictures will be a lot nicer to look at if you don't look half dead from exhaustion. It doesn't affect Alexandra's work, but it's still sweeter nonetheless."




"Alexandra's photos gave me much needed perspective, and her detailed report helped me better understand my facial features. Surgeons I consulted were happy to have something to work off of, and the knowledge I gained changed how I approached consults.

"I would strongly recommend VirtualFFS for help planning this major surgery or for an educated second opinion if you're questioning it."

Liv - LA



"Alexandra is a true professional. She has a wealth of knowledge and knows how to communicate it in a personalized way in both her text assessment and in her impressive photo altering skills.

"Alexandra provides more well-researched and data-backed information than I would expect from medical professionals who would charge many times her cost.

"Her detailed analysis is invaluable and she also visually pairs those procedures with a step by step photo transition to help visualize the effects of each operation.

"Thanks so much for helping guide people in such an objective and educational way through difficult choices!"




"Thank you again Alexandra, your assessment and VFFS is invaluable in helping me to understand the different procedures and how they may help me achieve a more feminine face."

"Sincerely, Stanna"



"Going in such a procedure as FFS is stressful enough as it is. From all the questions we ask ourself beforehand, virtual FFS is helping tremendously as it gives an honest, unaffiliated opinion from a person who have a great knowledge on the different procedures and facial structures as well as having the creative skills to emulate those on photo.

"I can't recommend this enough for anyone considering FFS as it really help in the decision process of choosing which procedure would be best for us, what we should focus on and have a sense of our future self to prepare before the day to come.

"Thank you very much !"

L - Toulouse, France



"Alexandra's work is excellent, and has given me invaluable insight and confidence that I've needed to move forward. It's been incredibly helpful to both see specific changes and read why they're suggested and which procedure is best for those results. I also appreciate having it come from an unbiased third party, rather than a surgeon pushing their capabilities, and like that she listed areas that won't benefit from work too. It has been significantly more useful than other people's before and after photos or feminizing photo filters, and I heartily recommend her service to anyone considering surgery."

Zoe - USA



"I would like to say how happy I am With Alexandra's work. It surpassed what I thought could be done with my particular case. I am glad that I availed myself of this service. The quality and attention to detail is outstanding and I now have much more confidence in going forth with this procedure and have something to work from with my surgeon.

"I couldn't imagine just having surgery of this magnitude without being able to view the potential outcome and as I said, it gives a benchmark to work from with or without other procedures. From my point of view it is priceless and the value of the service delivered exceeds the cost - most worthwhile."

M. Newman, Perth, Australia.



"For anyone considering having FFS, I would highly recommend enlisting Alexandra’s Virtual FFS services. I found her insights invaluable in helping me to determine the extent of the procedures I wished to have, and whether to have them at all. In particular I was struck by her attention-to-detail and the objectivity and honesty with which she approached my case. I also found her to be prompt, courteous, helpful and professional in all her dealings with me and would not hesitate in recommending her to others."




"My friend recommended I order these as I think about surgery and I am soo so glad I did. I feel like thinking about FFS is incredibly difficult and daunting, and I have no reason to believe surgeons have my best interest at heart, so this makes me feel way more prepared to both know what I want and what I don't in those negotiations. Its pretty interesting to be able to know to ask or not ask for certain things, its empowering in a sense. I don't know any trans women who talk openly about FFS, so seeing and having this is really, really helpful, and gives me something to show to friends as I'm processing my feelings in the months before surgery. Changing my face is scary, even if I 100% know I want to do it, so having this is encouraging me big time."

C. G. - USA



"The decision to have ffs procedures can be fraught with confusion , misinformation, fear and on the other hand , excitement and optimism. For many trans women the decision is not one taken lightly. Especially for those of us who have lived for many years with a face that has served us pretty well.

"My journey in deciding to have work done included consultations with several surgeons. All of them were skilled, well-respected surgeons. Each agreed on certain things but gave me varied, conflicting suggestions on other issues. One has to keep perspective that standards of beauty and what constitutes femininity to doctors will vary somewhat, as will their approaches.

"Alexandra offers us a balanced perspective because she understands facial Harmony as well as the science behind it. But as a woman , and one who has undergone similar procedures , her goal is to give you an objective opinion and to consider what your needs are.

"I feel more confident now moving forward with my surgery, because of her help. Her assessment and digital images gave me perspective. They also armed me with more questions to ask my doctor and inspired further research. Ultimately, hiring her to do this has helped me make a much more comfortable decision moving forward.

"Ultimately ffs is about looking and feeling more comfortable and better about yourself and doesn't have to be a cookie-cutter ideal of what a woman looks like. I feel empowered and I actually feel like I need less work. Given the pain and expense and time spent on this kind of endeavour, it is a very modest price to pay to invest in an objective assessment and visual representations. These decisions are so personal and so important. Alexandra knows this firsthand. Her services are a wonderful resource for us, and i am grateful to have benefited from them."

Lisa - United States



"Virtual FFS is an enlightening and educational service and one which I find indispensable for such an important personal decision as FFS. The altered images are meticulously described in terms of the accompanying procedures which would bring about their results. Careful consideration is taken to provide not only information about various procedures, but also pertinent questions to bring up when visiting with a surgeon. An informed patient is likely to ask questions and seek clarification non only regarding procedures but expected results or complications.

"Virtual FFS provided me with the information and considerations necessary to approach such a life-altering decision with much confidence. I highly recommend Virtual FFS for anyone who is considering FFS as a possible future action."




"I came across the Virtual FFS website at the start of my transition, during a period of doubt and uncertainty about how I would look. After reading many positive reviews I decided to use the service. I think the website is excellent and really informative and the pictures and report I got back were excellent. There were options given with pictures provided, which all helped my see what can be achieved. The service provided a real confidence boost and helped bring some clarity during a difficult period."

Danielle - Norway



"I am amazed and delighted at Alexandra's skill in producing a work up of what would be the end result of FFS on me. I would not consider any procedures without having a clear visual idea of how the end result would appear on this part of my body. I thoroughly recommend her services to anyone considering FFS."

Toni - Gloucestershire, England



"It was due to Alexandra's virtual FFS that confirmed to me that I was going to get the face that I wanted, in two stages 6 months apart, the first being the bony work and the second part being soft tissue work which transformed my face to firmly female."

Hannah - UK



"I am very pleased by the meticulous work done by Alexandra Hamer. It will help me to find the right decisions for facial feminization. Now I can see my face in a new way, because she showed me the weak points to be changed. I absolute can recommend Virtual FFS."

Renate - Munich



"I've appreciated virtualFFS's service, as the overall process led me to better understand FFS and so make more informed choices regarding the specific surgical procedures most suitable for myself. Further, as well as acting as a basic reality check, the virtual images have proved useful in terms of highlighting specific factors to discuss with my FFS surgeon."




"I am very happy with the virtual FFS services provided by Alexandra. Alexandra has very professional approach, and she's very down-to-earth when it comes to possible results of FFS. Communication was excellent from the very beginning and I feel that I've been well taken care of as I've been answered patiently all the questions I had along the way.

I am happy with my simulation results and assessment, they both gave me a clear understanding on what effect particular procedures would have on my look. Also thanks to virtual FFS I had the chance to get better understanding of my needs in terms of improving my look and I'm sure pictures will serve me well when discussing the possibilities with surgeons.

I would highly recommend virtual FFS services to anyone who's considering the surgery and would like to see possible outcomes as a way to help them make an informed decision."

Marta - Poland



"Alexandra, via her work on Virtual FFS, has helped immensely with allowing me to see the possibilities available through facial feminization surgery. She's provided, at a fair price, a grounded and well-thought-out foundation for approaching FFS. I can't thank her enough!"

Holly - Canada



"Alexandra, thank you very much for your Virtual FFS report and the images you made for me. I was really not expecting the report to be so detailed and I specially appreciated your own comments and opinions. Just from the wealth of information on your Virtual FFS website, from exchanging emails with you, and seeing your work, it's clear to me the amount of experience you have.

Thanks to your work, deciding on what would best suit me is now much clearer. But more importantly I want to thank you for sharing your knowledge. Now I feel more empowered to make the right decision for myself.

Thank you!"

Lana - Vancouver, BC, Canada



"I've used Alexandra's VFFS service and I'm very pleased with the results,
especially the thorough text assessment, that goes the extra mile detailing
optional aspects which you might not have thought about. Really worth the $75!"

David - Madrid.



“Your thorough virtual scientific insight into what mechanically would have a feminizing effect on my face was extremely helpful. I will now be armed with knowledge of what is truly needed when surgeons try to sell to me during my consults!”

JC - Connecticut, USA