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Gender Differences


Female eyes are usually larger in proportion to the face, and the orbits are a little more open. Female eyes also tend to have a little more of a downwards slant from the outer corners to the inner corners - this is called a "canthal tilt".



Surgical Options:

There is no way to surgically enlarge the eyes but by reducing the brow bossing, the eyes may seem to come forwards and appear more prominent. Also, if your hairline is brought forwards, and/or the corners are filled, and you also reduce the chin and jaw, this makes your face a little smaller overall which in turn may make the eyes seem a little bigger relative to the face overall.



Eye-liner was invented to make your eyes look bigger! One tip is not to put eye-liner on the inside edge of the eyelid (the waterline) – this can make the eyes seem smaller (unless you already have big eyes) so put the eye-liner along the lashline instead. You can emphasis this effect with a white eye-liner on the waterline. Mascara also makes the eyes look bigger.

If your eyes are small or deep-set, try not to emphasise this with very dark eye-shadow – go for medium or pale shades.



One procedure that is often included as part of FFS is the blepharoplasty. This is more of a rejuvenating procedure than a feminising one but younger faces do tend to look a little more feminine than older ones. An upper blepharoplasty reduces the tissue above the eyelid, and a lower blepharoplasty reduces bags under the eyes. Both can involve removing excess skin and fat or adding fat in some cases.


Dark Circles:

Occasionally people ask me if there is anything that can be done to reduce dark circles under the eyes. They are usually inherited and can be made worse by being tired, stressed or dehydrated. Anaemia can also be a cause. The easiest and safest way to minimise them is with make-up. Some people have laser to reduce them and/or filler injections, but this is a very delicate area so these procedures are not without risk.


Scleral Show:

If you have "Scleral Show", it means that the whites of your eyes are visible underneath the iris. It's common in elderly people as the lower eyelid can start to droop (this is called "ectropion"), and it can sometimes indicate a medical condition, or result from an injury, or be a complication of lower-eyelid surgery.

All those examples should be treated appropriately by doctors, however, scleral show is also a natural feature in many people. And don't assume that it is unattractive - the actress Bette Davis' was famous for her unusually beautiful eyes, but it's actually her scleral show that makes them distinctive.

bette davis eyes

Be aware that if you have surgery to reduce your scleral show, it will effectively make your eyes look smaller and that is a masculinising effect. This can't be helped if you are having it done to correct a medical issue, but try to avoid doing it for purely aesthetic reasons unless the degree of scleral show is so large that it looks strange.