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Disclaimers, Promises and my Qualifications


Disclaimer 1:
The simulations I create and the advice I give you are not, and could not be 100% accurate. Virtual FFS is not about exact predictions - it's a starting point designed to help you get to know your face and its feminisation possibilities, and to help you set your priorities for FFS. Your final result will depend on the procedures you choose, your individual anatomy, how you heal, and the abilities and techniques of your surgeon.


Disclaimer 2:
I am an artist and not medically qualified. The changes described in your assessment and illustrated in the pictures represent my opinion as an artist. You and/or your surgeon/s may disagree with my opinions. I cannot guarantee that my opinion is good or that the pictures are accurate so if you act according to my opinion, you do so at your own risk.


Disclaimer 3:
The adjustments are made on the assumption that you do not have any underlying medical problem or anatomical abnormalities that would limit the degree to which a feature can typically be adjusted.


Disclaimer 4:
I am human and therefore, just like a surgeon, I am fallible, so although I take quite an obsessive amount of care over virtuals, I will inevitably make a mistake every so often.


Disclaimer 5:
Remember that facial surgery is not an exact science and while I can control the changes I make in Photoshop fairly completely, a surgeon may not be able to control things with quite so much precision in real life.


Disclaimer 6:
No amount of security is completely foolproof but I do my very best to protect my clients' privacy and have not had a single security incident.


Promise 1:
I will strive at all times to give a realistic portrayal of the likely results of the FFS. I never knowingly exaggerate or make an adjustment to a picture that might give you false hopes or unrealistic expectations. I tend to take a cautious approach and leave it to your surgeon to suggest ways in which they can improve on the adjustments I have suggested.


Promise 2:
I will respect your privacy at all times. Any personal information received will only be used to fill your order. I will not sell or redistribute your information or your pictures to anyone else. The only exception might be in the case of a chargeback or legal dispute in which case I may need to forward all correspondence (including pictures) to the bank or financial institution that issued the chargeback notice or to the relevant legal teams.


Promise 3:
Although I regularly collaborate with surgeons (mainly with Facial Team in Spain), my work is independent and I will give you the best advice I can, regardless of whether it clashes with the opinion of any surgeon or other facial gender analyst. To maintain my independence, I do not allow advertising on my website, however, I do provide links to some surgeon's website pages that help explain an aspect of FFS. I do lose money by not allowing advertising, but I hope it shows that I take the independence of my opinion and my site very seriously. If someone asks me which surgeon they should go to I will try to advise them as best I can but it will to some extent be a personal opinion based on who I would choose for myself.


My Qualifications:
In a way, I have been researching this subject since my childhood. As a child with a gender abnormality, I had a particular interest in male and female differences anyway, but I also happened to have a broader interest in anatomy, archaeology and art. Inevitably, I picked things up – an archaeologist on a documentary would point out the brow bossing on a male skull, a medical textbook would say something about male chins, and an artist would discuss painting a female smile as opposed to a male one. I always absorbed those little details.

I started Virtual FFS in 2002 after an extensive study of facial gender and FFS, and I have worked on maybe 5000 faces as of the start of 2023. I continue to refine my techniques and to improve my assessment skills, and I still learn new things every day.

Most FFS surgeons are aware of my work, and some support what I do. For example, Facial Team employ me as a virtual FFS artist as well as a consultant, but you will also find some surgeons who dismiss my work. Unfortunately, this is an inevitable result of my openly disagreeing with them on particular patient's needs, or their general approach to FFS.

I have brought all my knowledge and experience together on this site.