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Thanks to all who have contributed so far :-)



"What you've sent me goes far beyond what we agreed to, and I cannot express enough how thankful I am for the enormous effort and care you've spent on that task. I love the outcome, and what makes me feel even more happy is that it's still the person I am, or rather, even more so."

Jona S.



"I always thought that it would take major work to achieve a significant feminising effect on my face, so I had never considered it as a realistic option.

"I am considering having rhinoplasty for non-trans reasons with, possibly, corrections to my droopy upper eyelids. I asked Alexandra to show what effects an FFS specialist could achieve with just these procedures. I also asked her to show what else might be possible.

"I was very impressed with the results. She produced a series of very natural, step by step, images to show the effect of each change. None of the changes were exaggerated. Instead, they were quite subtle and probably, therefore, more realistic.

"In her analysis, Alexandra explained why some common procedures would have only a minor effect on me. She also suggested what should be my priorities.

"I am very glad I used her services. I now have a clearer idea of what might be possible. The analysis and images will help me make more informed choices following consultations with the surgeons I might use."

J. M. - Cambridge, UK



"I'm completely satisfied with Alexandra's work. The details that went into each picture are absolutely great. And, the progression she shows from slight corrections to all the away is very useful in order to help you notice all those changes.

"The written assesment is not to be discarded either. There were so many insightful informations in there. And, it's always good to have the opinion of someone who's not going to gain money if they convince you that all your insecurities are true, ie : the surgeon.

One last point. When you take the pictures, I suggest being well rested. Your pictures will be a lot nicer to look at if you don't look half dead from exhaustion. It doesn't affect Alexandra's work, but it's still sweeter nonetheless."




"Alexandra's photos gave me much needed perspective, and her detailed report helped me better understand my facial features. Surgeons I consulted were happy to have something to work off of, and the knowledge I gained changed how I approached consults.

"I would strongly recommend VirtualFFS for help planning this major surgery or for an educated second opinion if you're questioning it."

Liv - LA



"Alexandra is a true professional. She has a wealth of knowledge and knows how to communicate it in a personalized way in both her text assessment and in her impressive photo altering skills.

"Alexandra provides more well-researched and data-backed information than I would expect from medical professionals who would charge many times her cost.

"Her detailed analysis is invaluable and she also visually pairs those procedures with a step by step photo transition to help visualize the effects of each operation.

"Thanks so much for helping guide people in such an objective and educational way through difficult choices!"




"Thank you again Alexandra, your assessment and VFFS is invaluable in helping me to understand the different procedures and how they may help me achieve a more feminine face."

Sincerely, Stanna



"Going in such a procedure as FFS is stressful enough as it is. From all the questions we ask ourself beforehand, virtual FFS is helping tremendously as it gives an honest, unaffiliated opinion from a person who have a great knowledge on the different procedures and facial structures as well as having the creative skills to emulate those on photo.

"I can't recommend this enough for anyone considering FFS as it really help in the decision process of choosing which procedure would be best for us, what we should focus on and have a sense of our future self to prepare before the day to come.

"Thank you very much !"

L - Toulouse, France



"Alexandra's work is excellent, and has given me invaluable insight and confidence that I've needed to move forward. It's been incredibly helpful to both see specific changes and read why they're suggested and which procedure is best for those results. I also appreciate having it come from an unbiased third party, rather than a surgeon pushing their capabilities, and like that she listed areas that won't benefit from work too. It has been significantly more useful than other people's before and after photos or feminizing photo filters, and I heartily recommend her service to anyone considering surgery."

Zoe - USA



"I would like to say how happy I am With Alexandra's work. It surpassed what I thought could be done with my particular case. I am glad that I availed myself of this service. The quality and attention to detail is outstanding and I now have much more confidence in going forth with this procedure and have something to work from with my surgeon.

"I couldn't imagine just having surgery of this magnitude without being able to view the potential outcome and as I said, it gives a benchmark to work from with or without other procedures. From my point of view it is priceless and the value of the service delivered exceeds the cost - most worthwhile."

M. Newman, Perth, Australia.



"For anyone considering having FFS, I would highly recommend enlisting Alexandra’s Virtual FFS services. I found her insights invaluable in helping me to determine the extent of the procedures I wished to have, and whether to have them at all. In particular I was struck by her attention-to-detail and the objectivity and honesty with which she approached my case. I also found her to be prompt, courteous, helpful and professional in all her dealings with me and would not hesitate in recommending her to others."




"My friend recommended I order these as I think about surgery and I am soo so glad I did. I feel like thinking about FFS is incredibly difficult and daunting, and I have no reason to believe surgeons have my best interest at heart, so this makes me feel way more prepared to both know what I want and what I don't in those negotiations. Its pretty interesting to be able to know to ask or not ask for certain things, its empowering in a sense. I don't know any trans women who talk openly about FFS, so seeing and having this is really, really helpful, and gives me something to show to friends as I'm processing my feelings in the months before surgery. Changing my face is scary, even if I 100% know I want to do it, so having this is encouraging me big time."

C. G. - USA



"The decision to have ffs procedures can be fraught with confusion , misinformation, fear and on the other hand , excitement and optimism. For many trans women the decision is not one taken lightly. Especially for those of us who have lived for many years with a face that has served us pretty well.

"My journey in deciding to have work done included consultations with several surgeons. All of them were skilled, well-respected surgeons. Each agreed on certain things but gave me varied, conflicting suggestions on other issues. One has to keep perspective that standards of beauty and what constitutes femininity to doctors will vary somewhat, as will their approaches.

"Alexandra offers us a balanced perspective because she understands facial Harmony as well as the science behind it. But as a woman , and one who has undergone similar procedures , her goal is to give you an objective opinion and to consider what your needs are.

"I feel more confident now moving forward with my surgery, because of her help. Her assessment and digital images gave me perspective. They also armed me with more questions to ask my doctor and inspired further research. Ultimately, hiring her to do this has helped me make a much more comfortable decision moving forward.

"Ultimately ffs is about looking and feeling more comfortable and better about yourself and doesn't have to be a cookie-cutter ideal of what a woman looks like. I feel empowered and I actually feel like I need less work. Given the pain and expense and time spent on this kind of endeavour, it is a very modest price to pay to invest in an objective assessment and visual representations. These decisions are so personal and so important. Alexandra knows this firsthand. Her services are a wonderful resource for us, and i am grateful to have benefited from them."

Lisa - United States



"Virtual FFS is an enlightening and educational service and one which I find indispensable for such an important personal decision as FFS. The altered images are meticulously described in terms of the accompanying procedures which would bring about their results. Careful consideration is taken to provide not only information about various procedures, but also pertinent questions to bring up when visiting with a surgeon. An informed patient is likely to ask questions and seek clarification non only regarding procedures but expected results or complications.

"Virtual FFS provided me with the information and considerations necessary to approach such a life-altering decision with much confidence. I highly recommend Virtual FFS for anyone who is considering FFS as a possible future action."




"I came across the Virtual FFS website at the start of my transition, during a period of doubt and uncertainty about how I would look. After reading many positive reviews I decided to use the service. I think the website is excellent and really informative and the pictures and report I got back were excellent. There were options given with pictures provided, which all helped my see what can be achieved. The service provided a real confidence boost and helped bring some clarity during a difficult period."

Danielle - Norway



"I am amazed and delighted at Alexandra's skill in producing a work up of what would be the end result of FFS on me. I would not consider any procedures without having a clear visual idea of how the end result would appear on this part of my body. I thoroughly recommend her services to anyone considering FFS."

Toni - Gloucestershire, England



"It was due to Alexandra's virtual FFS that confirmed to me that I was going to get the face that I wanted, in two stages 6 months apart, the first being the bony work and the second part being soft tissue work which transformed my face to firmly female."

Hannah - UK



"I am very pleased by the meticulous work done by Alexandra Hamer. It will help me to find the right decisions for facial feminization. Now I can see my face in a new way, because she showed me the weak points to be changed. I absolute can recommend Virtual FFS."

Renate - Munich



"I've appreciated virtualFFS's service, as the overall process led me to better understand FFS and so make more informed choices regarding the specific surgical procedures most suitable for myself. Further, as well as acting as a basic reality check, the virtual images have proved useful in terms of highlighting specific factors to discuss with my FFS surgeon."

- Lexy



"I am very happy with the virtual FFS services provided by Alexandra. Alexandra has very professional approach, and she's very down-to-earth when it comes to possible results of FFS. Communication was excellent from the very beginning and I feel that I've been well taken care of as I've been answered patiently all the questions I had along the way.

I am happy with my simulation results and assessment, they both gave me a clear understanding on what effect particular procedures would have on my look. Also thanks to virtual FFS I had the chance to get better understanding of my needs in terms of improving my look and I'm sure pictures will serve me well when discussing the possibilities with surgeons.

I would highly recommend virtual FFS services to anyone who's considering the surgery and would like to see possible outcomes as a way to help them make an informed decision."

Marta - Poland



"Alexandra, via her work on Virtual FFS, has helped immensely with allowing me to see the possibilities available through facial feminization surgery. She's provided, at a fair price, a grounded and well-thought-out foundation for approaching FFS. I can't thank her enough!"

Holly - Canada



"Alexandra, thank you very much for your Virtual FFS report and the images you made for me. I was really not expecting the report to be so detailed and I specially appreciated your own comments and opinions. Just from the wealth of information on your Virtual FFS website, from exchanging emails with you, and seeing your work, it's clear to me the amount of experience you have.

Thanks to your work, deciding on what would best suit me is now much clearer. But more importantly I want to thank you for sharing your knowledge. Now I feel more empowered to make the right decision for myself.

Thank you!"

Lana - Vancouver, BC, Canada



"I've used Alexandra's VFFS service and I'm very pleased with the results,
especially the thorough text assessment, that goes the extra mile detailing
optional aspects which you might not have thought about. Really worth the $75!"

David - Madrid.



“Your thorough virtual scientific insight into what mechanically would have a feminizing effect on my face was extremely helpful. I will now be armed with knowledge of what is truly needed when surgeons try to sell to me during my consults!”

JC - Connecticut, USA